Frequently Asked

Tree Maintenance Questions

Why Do My Trees Need Pruned?

All trees need pruned, regardless of age or location. Pruning takes away the dead branches and leaves to increase proper tree growth. Without pruning, trees become subject to disease and decay if branches start to break down or become infected. By keeping up with pruning your trees, they will stay healthy and beautiful, which will help the upkeep on your property. Young trees especially need pruned because the strongest branches will set a stable base as it ages. Every tree is different, and every tree has its own set of instructions on how to stay healthy and full. When pruning is not enough, we also offer cabling and bracing services to keep your trees from becoming weak or falling. Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc. will keep your trees healthy and secure. Call us today at (540) 345-5902 or (540) 890-6550 to have your trees pruned!

When is the Best Time to Prune My Trees?

In order to clear away all of the dead branches and debris from your trees, late winter is usually the best time to prune your trees. For most trees, pruning before they get their leaves is the most opportune time. For trees that bloom, pruning after the flowers have bloomed is best, so that way all of the dead branches are removed properly. Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc. provides tree pruning year-round. If you are inquiring about having your trees pruned, contact Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc. today.

Do You Provide “Drive-By” Tree Removal and Pruning Service?

We prefer to get to know our clients at Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc. before we stop and perform any service to your trees. If you are a longstanding customer, then we will happily stop by whenever you need us to prune or remove any trees, or perform any other services. We believe in getting to know our clients so that you know exactly who is on your property and working on your home or commercial space. While we are compliant with all safety standards, our team at Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc. feels more comfortable establishing a relationship with our clients before performing “drive-by” service. If you would like to schedule an estimate or service, contact us today! Serving Roanoke, Salem, and Vinton, VA.

Why Should I Choose an Arborist?

A Certified Arborist has more knowledge and experience working with trees than the average landscaper or freelance tree service. Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc. has the proper training and education to provide tree removal services safely and correctly. We also have expert pruning experience and will keep your trees healthy and strong. You can trust Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc. with accurately diagnosing your plant health concerns, and we will work with you to develop and execute a treatment plan.