Tree and Soil Services
in Salem, VA

Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc, Offers Tree and Soil Maintenance

Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc. provides expert tree and soil services in Salem, VA. Healthy soil is what makes or breaks your tree’s health. Without healthy soil, your trees are subject to decay and disease. We provide home and business owners with soil maintenance and disease diagnoses. By catching problems in your soil quickly, we can help you treat the problem and save your trees. Along with a soil diagnosis, we can also assist you with insect and disease management services. Located in Roanoke, VA, our team know what is best for the soil in this area based on weather and other factors. Contact Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc. today to have an ISA certified arborist diagnose your tree.

Our Certified Arborists Treat Your Trees with Care

Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc. in Roanoke, VA is SWaM certified, as well as a member of TCIA, BBB, part of the Virginia Urban Forest Council, and the Society of Arboriculture. Our knowledgeable staff will treat your trees like no other business can. We live up to our reputation as a knowledgeable and experienced tree company, and we would love to show you what we can do for your trees. Call Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc. today at (540) 345-5902 or (540) 890-6550. Serving Salem, Vinton, and Bedford County, VA.

Residential Tree Pruning and Care in Salem, VA

Paul Bunyan Tree Service, Inc. offers residential tree pruning services to Salem, VA. Our team is trained for both mature and young trees. Pruning is different for all trees, and our ISA certified arborists know the proper way for pruning your trees. Many are overlooked because of age, or just because tree owners do not know the importance of pruning their trees, and we can help. By keeping up with pruning, your trees can grow stronger and live longer, healthier lives. Trees are living things, and Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc. treats them as such. Contact us to have your trees pruned today! Serving Salem and Roanoke, VA, and surrounding areas.

Call Paul Bunyan’s Tree Service, Inc. for tree and soil services in Salem, VA.